School Profile:
Gawsworth Primary School

School Overview

Welcome to Gawsworth Primary School, a proud member of the Fallibroome Trust.  It is my privilege, as the Head Teacher of our fabulous, caring village school, to introduce you to all that the school provides.

If you choose Gawsworth for your son or daughter, you will be choosing a happy, friendly and vibrant school at the heart of its historic community. Our pupils spend their time in a safe and caring environment, not only achieving high academic success but also enjoying an outstanding range of extra-curricular activities such as languages, music, drama, judo, lacrosse and tag-rugby to enhance our pupils’ time at Gawsworth and develop their interests for the future.  The annual Rose Queen Fete, Christmas Carol Service and Key Stage school productions all enhance our links with the local community and its heritage, which boasts of the resting place of the last court Jester, Maggoty Johnson.

We aim for the values of a Gawsworth education to lay the foundations for our pupils for the rest of their lives as we ‘Learn Together To Achieve Our Best’. We want them to do their best, discover the things that they love and are good at, challenge themselves and respect each other.

Admissions Policy

At Gawsworth School, we adhere to the following oversubscription criteria outlined by Cheshire East.

  1. ‘Cared for Children’ and children who were previously ‘cared for’.
  2. Siblings
  3. Children resident within the designated catchment area of the school.
  4. Children not resident within a school’s designated catchment area.
  5. Pupils living nearest to the school.
  6. For further information please click on the ‘News’ icon below and scroll down the Cheshire East website to two relevant documents – ‘Applying for School Places’ and ‘Primary Schools Supplement’


Address: Gawsworth Primary School, Longbutts Lane, Gawsworth, Cheshire, SK11 9QU.

Telephone Number: 01625 426 547

School Type: Primary

Headteacher: Michael Shaw

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Telephone Number: 01625 426 547

Address: Gawsworth Primary School, Longbutts Lane, Gawsworth, Cheshire, SK11 9QU.