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Adlington Primary School

School Overview

At Adlington Primary School we aim to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels happy, safe and secure and can be encouraged to develop a love of learning in a secure and caring environment. We promote an atmosphere of truth and honesty in which everyone feels valued and shows respect for each other and their surroundings.

As a team we are commited to high expectations and continous improvement. We adopt a child-centred appraoch to high quality teaching and learning, inspiring everyone to achieve their full potential.

We want all of our children to know that learning is interesting, exciting, enjoyable and fulfilling. Please feel free to contact the school if you would like to look around of discuss the provision that is available at Adlington Primary School.

Admissions Policy

Adlington Primary School  admits pupils both from within our catchment area and also from surrounding areas.

Adlington Primary  has a PAN (published admission number) of 15; this means we admit up to 15 pupils in each year group.

For entry in 2016/17, Adlington Primary  will be following the admission arrangements of our local authority: Cheshire East Council.

Once children with statements of educational need and educational health care plans have been admitted, the following criteria will be applied in the event that the intake is oversubscribed:-

1. Cared For/ Previously Cared for children

2.  Siblings

3.  Children who live in the catchment area

4. Distance

Admissions Consultation for 2017-18

Consultation on Admission Arrangements for 2017-2018

Adlington Primary School  became an Academy on 1 September 2016.

For 2016 – 2017 the school adopted the Local Authority Policy for Admission arrangements.

Academy schools are required to consult interested parties with regard to changes to Admission Arrangements.

After discussion with the Governors and Trustees, the school has decided to continue to adopt the Local Authority Policy.

Please access our Admissions arrangements via our school website:



We have identified you as being a statutory consultee and therefore we invite you to comment on the proposals in the consultation period which runs for a period of 8 weeks from13th December 2016

Please notify the school during this time period if you have any relevant comments with regard to these arrangements. Comments will be considered by the Governing Body prior to determination and publication.

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Adlington Primary School

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Address: Adlington Primary School, Brookledge Lane, Adlington, Cheshire, SK10 4JX.

Telephone Number: 01625 573 201

School Type: Primary

Headteacher: Polly Broadhurst

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Telephone Number: 01625 573 201

Address: Adlington Primary School, Brookledge Lane, Adlington, Cheshire, SK10 4JX.