Dear Parents

Welcome back to the new school year at the Fallibroome Trust.

May I extend greetings to parents of children in all our schools and a particularly warm welcome to parents of students at Eaton Bank Academy, Congleton and Marlborough Primary, Macclesfield, who joined the Trust on September 1st.

Trust Growth

This latest development means we are now a Trust of ten Good and Outstanding schools committed to shared values and a belief in the power of collaboration. Our aim is to create the conditions for all our students to develop the knowledge, skills and qualities to succeed in life. We want our schools to be the best places to be educated and the best places to work and the growth of the Trust to three Secondary and seven Primary schools will bring the capacity and expertise to achieve these goals.

Exam Success and Inspection Outcomes

We enjoyed celebrating our students’ successes in KS1 and KS2 SATs, GCSE and A Level examinations over the summer. Each school’s results have been published on their websites with summaries on the Trust website and it was a great pleasure to see our Secondary students achieve the results they needed to progress to post-16 and post-18 options of their choice. Congratulations are due to students and their teachers for creating such successful outcomes. Other highlights from a busy year include very positive inspection reports for Upton Priory and Broken Cross primaries and the oversubscription of Year 7 entries into the Winsford Academy. Both Broken Cross and Winsford have now received inspection judgements that moved their RI judgements to Good (with Outstanding features at BC!) resulting in the overwhelming support of parents in their communities. To date we have been subject to six inspections of Trust schools, all of which commended the Trust for supporting school improvement.

School Improvement Strategy

We have agreed an exciting package of school improvement strategies for the coming year including:

  • A focus on developing cognitive approaches to teaching and learning and sharing evidence based practice
  • A commitment to work together on curriculum reform
  • A Trust wide conference on Teaching and Learning
  • Opportunities for middle leadership development across the Trust
  • Establishing subject and leadership collaborations at Primary and Secondary phases
  • Developing support and intervention strategies for areas of need
  • A Trust wide Governors’ conference; and
  • Creating opportunities for student collaborations.

This programme is designed to complement each school’s improvement plan and create opportunities for partnerships that would not be available for standalone schools.

Business Support

In addition to our support for students’ academic progress the Trust provides Heads and Governors with Business Support and I am pleased to announce the appointment of

Mrs Liz Whitehurst to the post of Chief Operating Officer for the Trust. Mrs Whitehurst joined the Trust as part-time Chief Financial Officer last year and will bring capacity and expertise to our agenda of freeing up Heads to focus on Teaching and Learning and creating efficiencies that will release funding that can be devolved to the school improvement agenda and benchmark our practice against similar sized Trusts across the country.

Board Members and Trustees

Our growth has allowed us to strengthen the governance capacity and I am pleased to announce the appointment of two new Trustees: Mrs Joanna Longman, who brings expertise in governance as a National Leader of Governance and in financial matters as a tax consultant; and Mr Keith Smith who brings business experience and local knowledge as Chair of Governors at Eaton Bank Academy. In addition we have strengthened the independence of our Members by the appointment of Ms Karen Burns. Ms Burns is the CEO of the Victorious Academy Trust in Tameside and will increase the Trust’s capacity to hold Trustees and executives to account. A full list of Members and Trustees is published on the Trust website.

Given the political turmoil we are experiencing at the moment it is good to know that we have increased our capacity to provide our students with a relevant and exciting ‘Whole Education’ and can look forward to an exciting year.

My thanks go to all our staff, governors, parents and students for supporting our collaborative agenda and generating such success. Our Executive Primary Principal, Helen Scott and I look forward to visiting our schools in our regular monitoring visits and creating opportunities for expertise and best practice to be shared between our schools.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information about the Trust.

With thanks for your continued support and best wishes.

Yours sincerely

P W Rubery
Chief Executive Officer