Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

At the end of this extra-ordinary term I wanted to send my best wishes to you and record my thanks to our Headteachers and staff for their remarkable response to the challenges of lockdown.

When I look at my diary, the last two weeks were dedicated to visiting the ten schools in our Trust and attending concerts and other celebrations of what was, to that date, a very successful term. Then, at 48 hours’ notice, the world turned upside down for us all.

In such unprecedented times we are determined to play our part in the national effort to counteract the effect of the COVID-19 virus and, by working together, have created emergency provision for the children of key workers and other nominated groups and supported our students and parents as they meet the challenges of home schooling.

As with all organisations, our priority is the health and welfare of our staff and, through them, our children. It has therefore been heartening to see the value of collaboration and mutual support across our family of schools as we share ideas and resources and develop innovative solutions to emerging problems, not least in communication, via digital platforms and more traditional means.

May I thank parents and students who have sent messages of appreciation; and commend the leadership of headteachers and the dedication of staff who, of course, have their own pressures and anxieties related to the welfare of their families.

The Trust will continue to provide educational and business support to our schools and communities and will ensure that Governors discharge their duties over the summer term.

As the period of lockdown extends into the summer term we will turn our attention to matters of sustainability, respond to the Government’s proposals for GCSE and A Level awards and plan for a return to normal schooling.

In many respects the concept of the Trust brings extra capacity and resources to the challenges ahead but it is the strength of partnership between the schools and their parents that will enable us to manage this extra-ordinary period of history.

If at all possible I hope you can enjoy what used to be called the Easter holiday. Our message to our young people has been one of hope, looking forward to a return to normality. May I assure you of our best efforts to maintain this positive outlook and thank you for your continued support.

With best wishes for good health for all your family.

Yours sincerely,
P W Rubery
Chief Executive Officer