At the time of writing we are in the middle of a political crisis that is unprecedented in living memory. The news is dominated by Brexit and, whatever side of the argument you favour, deadlock. This sense of turbulence and uncertainty doesn’t look likely to be resolved any time soon although no one is confident of making predictions – it seems anything could happen…

I shared these thoughts with the Sixth Form at The Fallibroome Academy at their end of term assembly for two reasons: one to suggest that we are living through a moment of history that they may well recount to their children; and two they may have the opportunity to exercise a vote sometime soon.

I contrasted this picture of uncertainty with what I see on my visits to our schools: a clear vision of what we are trying to achieve; shared values; dedicated teams of people demonstrating commitment, resilience and creativity and students; and staff willing to go the extra mile.

As we reflect on a busy but productive term and celebrate our multiple achievements I encouraged our students to hold on to these principles as they move into careers and positions of influence. Who knows, we may have a future Prime Minister who decides that humility and willingness to collaborate are the secret ingredients that adds magic to the mix.

As ex US President Harry Trueman said, ‘It’s amazing what you can achieve if you don’t mind who gets the credit.’

A message from our times?