As our schools and Trust celebrate a year of achievement (have a look at the Trust and Schools’ newsletters elsewhere on this webpage), it is sobering to reflect on our collective endeavours compared to the state of the Nation.

What a mess the country is in… whilst it’s probably wise to remain politically neutral in my role as Trust CEO there is no doubt that we are feeling the effects of ten years of austerity and compensating for reduced public services resulting from political leadership.

To compound this there does not seem to be much relief on the horizon with Brexit uncertainty unlikely to be resolved, despite the promises of both of the perspective (at the time of writing) new Prime Ministers.

What is encouraging in this gloomy context is the quality of leadership in our schools.  Our Heads share a common purpose and values and manage their teams of dedicated teachers and support staff with distinction; our Governors provide the challenge and support that ensures quality and our students’ achievements bring pride and reputation.

As we grow to ten schools in September and look forward to positive exam outcomes in August, we can reflect that, despite unfavourable circumstances, our community is thriving.

That’s only made possible by a shared understanding of the principles of leadership at all levels – something our politicians could learn from.

With best wishes and thanks to all who have contributed to a successful year and a memo to self to post more frequent blogs.

Enjoy the summer break!