It has been my pleasure to represent the Trust at our two Secondary schools’ Open Evenings this month.

These are always special occasions, with two key objectives:

  • to communicate our vision, standards and ethos; and
  • to secure number to fill year 7 next year.

Both Winsford and Fallibroome shared the same characteristics: a warm welcome; proud students acting as guides or demonstrating lessons; enthusiastic staff and terrific presentations from passionate Headteachers.

Perhaps the most moving presentations came from young students who spoke with confidence and maturity about their experience of school.

On such occasions our students are always our best ambassadors and it was heartening to see students of all ages displaying the qualities of teamwork, initiative and communication that characterise the aims of the Trust.

Our spirit of collaboration has also been evident in the peer support and leadership deployment programmes we have launched this term.  Colleagues from all phases have enjoyed sharing best practice, demonstrating the climate of trust that is essential for success.

Such cooperation was also evident in our annual governors’ conference, bringing together the wealth of expertise and experience we have in our pool of volunteers.

My challenge is to harness the enthusiasm and release the potential in our staff, students and governors so we can sustain the culture required to meet our goals.

A key target is for all our schools to be the school of choice for the local community.  What I saw on the Secondary Open Evenings was a level of parental interest that reflected confidence in both schools.  This should translate into high demand for places next year – a picture that is replicated in our Primaries, not least at Broken Cross which has doubled its intake since joining the Trust.

We won’t actually know until next year but I am prepared to predict, with some confidence, that our twin objects have been met.