One week onto lockdown and we’re all finding ways to manage the challenges of home working, home schooling and caring – or for some all three. The wonders of whatsapp bring an accessible source of advice, and distraction, with Cheshire East Headteachers displaying an otherwise unknown collective sense of humour!

Belated guidance is coming out of the DfE, particularly welcome in respect of proposals for awarding GCSE and A Level grades and we’re starting to think about virtual Governor and Trustee meetings that will enable us to meet some of the usual monitoring and budget setting tasks for this time of year.

What we are all learning is that working from home isn’t easy and it looks like we’re in this for the long haul. It’s clear that our staff are responding magnificently to the challenge of supporting students and parents and innovation is flourishing. However the consequences of isolation are all too apparent and our first duty is one of care for staff. With this in mind I will ask out Heads to set up phone calls to all colleagues this week – several have already instigated this via their snowline connections, and we have posted an archive of advice from various health and community sources. Do have a look at the link here and take from it what ever helps in your circumstances.

Above all keep your own support networks of family and friends strong and if anyone just needs to talk then don’t hesitate to contact any of the Trust team via our email addresses and we’ll set up a video or telephone connection.

With thanks and best wishes, stay safe.